Javy Pagan

Javy Pagan (Zoser in AIDA) Past favorite roles: Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey 2), Dreamgirls (Jerry Norman), Rockin’ The Keys (Vocalist), and Rock N’ Roll Gold (Vocalist) with Centre Stage), Rock Opera (vocalist), In The Heights (Piragua Guy) with Glow Lyric Theatre, Hairspray (Mr. Pinky), Les Miserables (Bahorel), Mamma Mia (Harry Bright) with Greenville Theatre, Native Gardens (Surveyor) with Warehouse Theatre), and The Wizard of Oz (Ensemble), Robin Hood (Ensemble/Little John Understudy) and Sherlock Holmes and the Final Adventure (Baker Street Irregular) with Glendale Centre Theatre, Los Angeles, California.
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