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GLOW to Raise Voices in ‘And Still I Rise’ January 14

January 7, 2017 CarolinaCurtainCall.com STAFF REPORT. While diversity should always be one of the major pillars in artistic principles, too often we find our stages, be they local, regional, or streaming live from the Oscars, lacking true representation of our communities, let alone providing many of our brilliant actors, writers and directors the recognition they deserve....


GLOW takes ‘Amahl and the Night Visitors’ on a tour of Greenville

Three Nights at the Opera Views: 115 For the average person, the term “opera” likely elicits less-than-positive reactions and conjures up all sorts of images, possibly of a giant, bellowing woman wearing a two-horned Viking helmet, holding forth in an unintelligible language. Jenna Tamisiea, GLOW Lyric Theatre’s artistic director, understands. “Some of the stereotypes are...

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