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GLOW Presents Die Fledermaus (The Bat)

Audiences will swoon to Johann “The Waltz King” Strauss’s delightful music as well as howl with laughter at this new and improved English translation by Quade Winter. Set in 1920s Vienna, Die Fledermaus follows the adventures of self-styled ladies man Gabriel von Eisenstein. Eisentein has just infuriated the local magistrate in court by loudly contesting a jaywalking citation, and...


GLOW Presents Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury

Witty, tuneful and filled with sparkling classical singing, there are many people who consider Trial by Jury to be the most perfectly constructed of the whole series of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. Running only 40 minutes, it is indeed a little gem of wit, sentiment and charm, centering on the court case between the beautiful soprano Angelina and...

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