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The GLOW Lyric Theatre Guild consists of a dedicated group of volunteers with a mission to support and promote GLOW’s operatic productions.  Through fundraising, marketing and education activities, the Guild seeks to stimulate interest and partnership in opera, encourage young people to pursue a career in opera and/or musical theatre, and provide educational and social opportunities for members and guests to experience the joy of opera

Where You Belong:

How involved you become are limited only by the amount of time, resources and effort you wish to contribute. The Guild will have a wide array volunteer activities for its members.

Where Opera Lovers Meet:

The Guild also provides a social structure within which opera lovers can network. This is achieved through the organization of such events as cast parties which welcome visiting performers of GLOW Lyric Theatre productions, pre-opera dinners and/or brunches prior to performances, MET Live in HD performances, and other informal gatherings that often include artistic performances.


The Guild is a nonprofit, volunteer organization. Its members will have the unique opportunity to not only build an appreciative audience for opera in Greenville, SC, but to build connections with other service-minded professionals who have a deep appreciation for the arts. Although the opera season runs in July and August, we are in need of volunteers throughout the year.  Meetings are generally on the last Thursday of the month at the Younts Center for Performing Arts, Grainger Room.

Your service will help support the advancement of the operatic excellence in our community.

For membership information, please email our General Director, Christian Elser, at christian@glowlyric.com or call us at (864) 558-4569

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