Glow’s Earth Has Music Brings The Issues of Climate Change to Stage!

Glow’s Earth Has Music Brings The Issues of Climate Change to Stage!

Glow’s Raising Voices series performances are known for providing a microphone to hot button issues.  Kicking off their 2020 series, The Earth Has Music  uses music, poetry and dance to focus on one of the most urgent issues in both Greenville and the world today: Climate Change.

“It’s an issue that every second of every day is getting more dire,” says show director and Glow Artistic Director Jenna Tamisiea Elser. “I was really inspired by Greta Thunberg who hones in on the fact that protecting the environment is about protecting future generations.”

Featuring Glow veterans and all local artists, the cast is led by soprano Danielle Knox, baritone Christian Elser, baritone Jerius Duncan,  dancer Vaughn Newman, and poet Kimberly J. Simms. The show also highlights works by Greenville composer Jon Grier, with South Carolina poet Keller Cushing Freeman supplying poetry for the lyrics. 

“One thing that really brings all of us together is that we all inhabit this earth. This is such a beautiful collaboration to work with artists through all different mediums,” says Tamisiea Elser. “Is there anything better than celebrating the earth through art?”

In addition to a stellar cast and an important message, Glow is also partnering with the Bartram Sierra Club, whose work is focused on advocating for the environment through events, clean ups, panels, or even performances like The Earth Has Music

“The leaders of  this chapter, Kathleen Kempe and Ron Sobczak, have been instrumental in connecting me to examples of how SC has a contentious relationship with climate preservation,” says Tamisiea Elser. “From the Santee Cooper nuclear scandal, the effect of coal ash on our local neighborhoods, even the state of solar power here in SC, their research has been integral in the creation of this production.”

The Upstate Sierra Club will be joining Glow at each performance providing a pre-show reception in the lobby at 7:00pm as well as a thought-provoking panel talk back after the show at 8:30pm. There are also only two performances, March 13th, and March 14th, both at the Fine Arts Center. If you want to be part of this incredible performance and discussion, tickets to The Earth Has Music are available at https://glowlyric.com/raising-voices-series/ or over the phone at  864-558-4569.

“My hope for this project is that audiences can come away inspired to take steps forward in protecting our planet,” says Tamisiea Elser. “After all, it doesn’t take millions of people doing perfect work to save the planet, but millions of people doing small things to protect earth.”

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