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When they moved to the Upstate and realized there was no vocal arts organizations, Jenna and her fiancé Christian decided to start one of their own. “We’re so happy to be producing our inaugural season of Greenville Light Opera Works (GLOW)  at Centre Stage Theatre. I love directing operetta because it combines beautiful classical singing with a whole lot of laughs, and unlike opera, nobody dies!”

Currently starring in her own production—she and Christian are tying the knot on October 3—Jenna is optimistic about their future. “Our goal is to make a positive impact in the arts community of South Carolina.” Find out more about GLOW and their Operetta outreach program for schoolchildren called GlowWorms at greenvilleopera.org.

More about Jenna…

Hometown?  Searcy, Arkansas

Did you graduate college?  Yes! I graduated in 2008 from The University of Tulsa with a BA in Musical Theatre and a minor in Women’s Studies.

Any pets?  Yes- An 18 year old toothless and diabetic cat named Goofie.

Hobbies?  I love to bake. (that is, when I don’t eat all the dough before I get a chance to bake it).

Your best friend says that you are?  good-humored and strong willed

Favorite thing you do to relax?  Watch TV movies while sipping a glass of wine.

THREE things most people don’t know about you?

1. I am terrified of bees, wasps and anything else that stings.

2. I love to go see kid’s movies at the movie theater.

3. I own over 20 headbands.

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