Javy Pagan Serves Piragua On-Stage and Greenville Theatre Off-Stage

Javy Pagan Serves Piragua On-Stage and Greenville Theatre Off-Stage


By Patrick Fretwell

As a native of Greenville, Javy Pagan witnessed the rise of theatre in the Upstate. Now as both a performer and marketing director, he’s right in the middle of it.

“I try and make sure every family in the Upstate knows they have quality arts entertainment at affordable prices right here in their hometown.”

Javy Pagan is the marketing and development manager at Greenville’s Centre Stage Theatre, and like many theatre artists, Pagan’s passions range across the artistic spectrum from writing press releases to belting high notes.

“I started doing theatre here in Greenville in 2012 when a college friend encouraged me to audition for a musical, and haven’t stopped since.”

On top of his job at Centre Stage, Pagan is ecstatic to play the Piragua Guy in this summer’s production of In the Heights, a character who embodies the millions of United States immigrants that work tirelessly in this country in hopes of a better life. Fighting gentrification and possible bankruptcy with his business, the Piragua guy battles through with upbeat songs and an omnipresent passion for the Latino community.

“Being a Latino actor, I hope people leave with a deeper appreciation and better understanding of the Latin-American way of life.”

The show stresses the importance of family, a significant aspect of people’s lives in many different cultures. As characters battle through personal struggles in the production, it is always their families that help them get through it.

“I hope people leave with a smile and a renewed sense of what makes this melting pot of a country so genuinely great.”

Pagan hopes audiences develop a better understanding of not only the similarities and differences between life in Greenville and Washington Heights, but also see that Glow Lyric Theatre, like many theatres in Greenville, create exciting and deep productions each year.

“A lot of my job calls me to meet with Upstate businesses to gain support for the arts, and I’m honored to represent the rich and talented community we have in Greenville,” Pagan said. “I particularly love introducing the theatre scene to new individuals who may not have stepped foot in a theatre before.”

You can see Javy in Glow’s production of In the Heights at The Warehouse Theatre, which runs from July 21st – August 5th. You can book tickets online at glowlyric.com/tickets or by calling our box office at 864-558-4569.


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