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Welcome to the GLOW Lyric Theatre Archive. Here you can find our list of previous light opera and musical performances as well as corresponding photo galleries.


West Side Story

This Broadway classic is arguably one of the most famous pieces of musical theatre. Its electrifying Latin and jazz-infused score and thrilling dance numbers are fun and unforgettable. In a daring departure from other musicals at the time, West Side Story features a violent feud between two rival gangs that ultimately ends in tragedy. The Sharks and the Jets fight an endless turf war as The Puerto Rican Maria and the American Tony fall in love. West Side Story’s stark commentary on racism, xenophobia and cultural assimilation proves extremely relevant in today’s political debates on immigration.

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Roméo et Juliette

Our innovative production of Roméo et Juliette highlights a feud between immigrants who are seeking opportunity and asylum in America, and those who would stop them from entering the country. The two groups live separated by walls and struggle to find acceptance of each other. GLOW’s creative team has imagined a world where anyone who is culturally, racially, religiously or ideologically different is shut out of America. In this hostile environment the love between Roméo and Juliette thrives as a symbol of hope and unity.

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The Wiz

A beloved Broadway gem, The Wiz is a re-telling of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz through an African American perspective. Produced in the wake of the tragic Charleston AME shooting in July 2015, GLOW’s production serves as a stark commentary on race relations in South Carolina. This timeless tale of Dorothy’s adventures through the Land of Oz shows the strength and resilience of a young woman coming of age in a difficult world.

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The Hot Mikado

Cultures glide and collide in a hilarious and “hot” updating of Gilbert and Sullivan’s perennial classic The Mikado. The Hot Mikado weaves a hilarious tale where, despite life or death stakes, characters still find time to tap their toes and do their fair share of scatting. An homage to the African American artists of the jazz age, this show is a prime example of the importance and value of celebrating cultural diversity on the Greenville stage.

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The three US cities which contain the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS are all in South Carolina. In response, GLOW produced the Jonathan Larson’s Tony award winning rock musical Rent.  Loosely based on Puccini’s opera La Bohème, Rent follows a group of impoverished young artists struggling to survive and create a life in New York City under the shadow of the HIV/AIDs epidemic.

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La Bohème

A true operatic masterpiece by Giacomo Puccini and Luigi Illica, La Bohème tells a story of the tragic love between Mimi, a poor seamstress, and Rodolfo, a struggling artist and the community in which they live. The youthful, passionate artists at the center of the story will capture your hearts as they struggle to survive; their pockets may be empty, but they are determined to experience the fullness of the world.

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Jesus Christ Superstar

Told through the eyes of the betrayer Judas Iscariot, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar tells the story of the last six days of the life of Jesus Christ. Appalled at Jesus’ friendship and loving acceptance of prostitute Mary Magdalene, Judas Iscariot has begun to doubt Christ’s assertions that he is truly the Son of God. Iscariot’s own doubts are compounded by his mounting worry that Christ’s followers will get the attention of the Romans, who will persecute their group. After Christ speaks out against the moneylenders in a temple, Iscariot is determined to silence him via trial and execution as a false prophet.
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Pirates of Penzance

One of Gilbert & Sullivan’s most enduring works, the Pirates of Penzance has delighted audiences for over 125 years. From birth the Pirate King has raised Frederic as a sea-faring pirate. Nearing his 21st birthday, he wishes to leave his swashbuckling lifestyle after falling in love with the beautiful and innocent Mabel. However, the Pirate King informs Frederic that having been born on Leap Day, he won’t have had 21 birthdays for some time, so he is obligated to remain in the power of the Pirate King and do his bidding. Unfortunately for Frederic, the Pirate King’s next target is Major General Stanley, Mabel’s father!
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Rock Opera!

In the ’60s and ’70s, rock musicals took over the stages of Broadway beginning with the 1968 hippie inspired hit Hair. Rock Opera! will transport you back to that psychedelic age when bellbottoms were cool and the love flowed freely. This one act concert will feature an awesome ensemble of singers and five piece rock band, all performing groovy tunes like Good Morning Sunshine, I Don’t Know How to Love Him, Pinball Wizard, Magic To Do and Day By Day.
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Don Pasquale

Often overlooked in favor of his better known Elixir of Love, Donizetti’s Don Pasquale is a true musical and comic gem. Ernesto will be set for life with an inheritance from his uncle, Don Pasquale, but only if he breaks things off with Norina, the girl he loves. Oh no, Daddy-O! The ever-hip Dr. Malatesta has a wild plan to help his friend, complete with a sham marriage, a slap in the face, hysterical disguises and rockabilly rebellion!
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The Mikado

The great Mikado (the emperor of all) has decreed that flirting is against the law in the town of Titipu. But what can you do when love is in the air? Wackiness ensues in this hilarious operetta, which brings to life some of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular comic characters and hum-worthy hits!
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Die Fledermaus

Audiences will swoon to the delightful music of Johann “The Waltz King” Strauss as well as howl with laughter at this new and improved English translation. Set in 1920s Vienna, this production follows the adventures of self-styled ladies man Gabriel von Eisenstein… but sadly, the joke’s on him. Come see how sweet revenge can be when dressed as a bat!
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Trial by Jury

Updated to take place in a modern day South Carolina courtroom, Trial by Jury is a hilarious one-act operetta about a jilted woman who sues her playboy fiancé for “dreadful damages.” The performance will be paired with a revue of ensembles and songs from other favorites such as The Mikado, Pirates of Penzance and HMS Pinafore to create a fun and tuneful evening of Gilbert & Sullivan hits!
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The Impresario

Herr Frank, the beleaguered Impresario of a once great Viennese opera company, laments the current state of art, music and the economy. His upwardly mobile assistant, Herr Buff, presents an offer for a new opera to be financed by the “Donald Trump-esque” banker, Herr Eiler. Both Eiler’s lover (the aging prima donna Mme. Silverklang) and mistress (the ambitious soubrette, Miss Sweetsong) vie for star billing while Frank unsuccessfully tries to referee an agreement. Fed up, he proclaims: “One thing will outlast [our] modern world, and that’s the theatre!” The former Impresario promptly retires from the opera business.
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Songs in the Key of Love

Songs in the Key of Love is a collection of Broadway tunes written and produced by Lorenz Hart (1895-1943) and Richard Rodgers (1902-1979). With Rodgers providing the melodies to fuel Hart’s invention, the two worked together on many memorable shows that featured outstanding songs. Music selected for Songs in the Key of Love come from The Garrick Gaities, Love Me Tonight, The Boys from Syracuse, On Your Toes, One Dam Thing After Another and many more.

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