Chatting with Glow: Falling for Glow and Demanding the Right to Dream!

Chatting with Glow: Falling for Glow and Demanding the Right to Dream!
With Glow’s 2018 season announcement just around the corner, Glow already has big plans for an incredible series! Today, we chat with Glow Artistic Director Jenna Tamisiea and Development Director Leigh Miller to talk about Glow’s Fall for Glow Campaign, and hear about the themes from our upcoming season!
Q) Could you tell us a bit about Fall for Glow, and its importance to the upcoming season?

Jenna: Donations made to the Fall for Glow campaign determine the scope of our 2018 Season.  We use the support from this campaign to plan our shows and budgets for our designers and professional contracts, as well as what outreach programs we can offer the community.

Leigh: Every year we are are incredibly grateful to our patrons for their generosity, as they have been key in allowing us to produce meaningful works in the Upstate. They remain essential for our Summer Festival Season and our Raising Voices series.

Jenna: And the more successful the fall campaign is, the more people we can reach and affect with our programming! A successful Fall Campaign keeps our seasons entertaining as well as thought provoking.

2) So what are the best ways for Glow fans to get involved, and could you tell us a bit about the programs they can donate to?

Jenna: Any donation we receive, big or small, is so needed and appreciated. A $50 donation can buy a ream of fabric for our professional costume designer. $250 provides a needs based scholarship for one of our students in the Glow opera camp. A $1000 gift pays the fee for a musician in our live orchestra.

Leigh: And this year, we’re also expanding corporate sponsorship opportunities to unique fundraising events, as well as an expanded Educational Outreach program.

Jenna: We know that where you donate your money is an important decision. We are always willing to find the sponsorship opportunities that move and inspire you. If you choose Glow, rest assured that the work you see on our stages is a direct reflection of your generosity!

3) So, can you give us all a short hint to about next season’s theme to tide us all over until the full announcement November 1st?

Jenna: Not in my wildest thoughts did I think Glow would be growing this quickly, but Christian and I never stopped dreaming and working toward our goal to touch lives and make a difference in South Carolina through lyric theatre.  He and I are dreamers, and we live in a country and community that supports the vital work we do to ignite change and spark dialogue about relevant issues. However, not everyone in our country is given the same opportunities that Christian and I have been afforded.

Dreams are a human experience shared by all of us, no matter where we come from or what we look like. As artists, we at Glow believe that every voice is worthy enough to be heard, and the shows in our 2018 Season feature such dreamers.  Some characters are dreaming of a better life in America, others seek freedom or acceptance. The courageous, compassionate and rebellious stories of the leading men and women in our upcoming season inspire our 2018 theme “Demand the Right to Dream.”

You can contribute to Fall for Glow by clicking below to donate, or by contacting Leigh Miller about sponsorship opportunities at leigh@glowlyric.com! And don’t miss our full season announcement coming November 1st! Until then, help keep the dream alive for artists in the Upstate by supporting Glow Lyric Theatre!


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