Open Mic for Peace: Utilizing Music to Bring Change and Healing

Open Mic for Peace: Utilizing Music to Bring Change and Healing


With just one day until Glow’s Open Mic for Peace and Healing, we took the opportunity to sit down and talk with Glow Artistic Director Jenna Tamisiea about why it was time to bring an event geared towards offering Greenville a chance to come out and express their hopes, fears, and dreams of peace world through music and spoken word.

Q) First could you tell us your inspiration for the open mic, and why you thought it was important to bring an event geared towards peace and healing?

Jenna: Honestly, this has been a really rough month for our world. From the hurricanes that ravaged our communities, the domestic mass shooting in Las Vegas, and perpetually divisive politics, many people may feel lonely, hurt, marginalized and triggered right now.

We want to use this event to extend a hand and release some of the tension in our world through togetherness. This is also the time to pay tribute to all those suffering or who lost their lives in recent tragic events, and it’s a reminder that we are all human. It’s a chance to focus on the power of love and compassion we can’t afford to miss.

Q) It sounds like there are a lot of performances about many topics we’ll see this Sunday?

Jenna: Yes! So far, we have lots of different artists from different mediums joining us Sunday. People coming to the performance can expect to hear everything from musical theatre and ukulele pieces, to poetry, Shakespeare and monologues, all fighting for peace and healing in their own unique way.

Q) Why do you think it’s so important for Greenville to participate by getting on stage to perform or coming out to watch?

Jenna: It is rare to have the opportunity to participate in an event that’s entirely focused on the peace and healing that the arts can bring. I hope you join us and take an hour out of your week to feel hope, positivity, and above all else connection- which is something we so desperately need right now.

Don’t miss Glow’s Open Mic for Peace and Healing this Sunday at 2pm in Downtown Greenville at 1 City Plaza, brought to you in partnership with The Warehouse Theatre.

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