Jenna Tamisiea Demands the Right to Dream with 2018 Season!

Jenna Tamisiea Demands the Right to Dream with 2018 Season!


Glow’s 2018 season, Demand the Right to Dream, is already set to be a thrilling journey through three legendary pieces of lyrical theatre. The Summer Series lineup includes Beethoven’s Fidelio, Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore, and HAMILTON creator Lin Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights! But what ties these shows together in their pursuit of daring to dream? We sat down with Glow Artistic Director Jenna Tamisiea to find out!

Q: Tell us about what inspired the theme “Demand the Right to Dream?”

Jenna: We are so proud to be entering Glow’s 8th Season, that it made me realize not in my wildest thoughts did I think we’d be growing this quickly. Christian and I never stopped dreaming and working toward our goal to- ultimately- touch lives and make a difference in South Carolina with our lyric theatre, so we’re pretty epitomal dreamers.

We also both realize that we live in a country and community that supports the vital work we do to promote inclusion, diversity and dialogue through the arts- but at the same time fully recognize not everyone in our country is given these same opportunities. We at Glow believe that every voice is worthy to be heard, and that not only are the performing arts a refuge for dreamers, but they also work to create empathy and understanding to uplift the dreams of others.

The courageous, compassionate and rebellious stories of the leading women and men in our upcoming season inspire our 2018 theme “Demand the Right to Dream.” We hope that the energetic, funny, and tender shows in our season line up inspire you to not only pursue your wildest dreams, but also to build a community where everyone has the opportunity to realize theirs.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about how all three shows tie into this theme?

Jenna: All three shows feature people overcoming extraordinary challenges in order to achieve their dreams. In the Heights brings an expansive look at the American dream as well as immigrant experience, and shows the incredible diversity in the experience of the American Dream. HMS Pinafore tackles that ultimate dream of finding love, and more importantly how it can transcend class and station. And then Fidelio’s portrays the heroic efforts of a woman trying to save her dissident husband, which reveal how powerful perseverance and bravery are in fighting for your dreams and what’s right.

Q: So what parts of the season are you most excited about?

Jenna: I’m super excited to bring the energy of Lin Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights to Greenville! This story is such an important one and is really the beginning of the relevant work he has created in HAMILTON. Also, I’m thrilled that we have such a kick ass heroine (Leanora) in Fidelio. She’s totally the Wonder Woman of classical opera!


Don’t miss Glow Lyric Theatre’s incredible 2018 Summer Series “Demand the Right to Dream!” at the Warehouse Theatre! Season tickets go on sale December 1st. CLICK HERE to read more information on the upcoming season!

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