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As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, GLOW Lyric Theatre’s Love is Love is Love is just around the corner! And with the start of rehearsals, we will be introducing you to our phenomenal cast of LGBTQ and ally performers.

You may have seen our next performer, Feather Sissom, around town leading protests and support groups with her incredible spirit and voice, along with her trusty ukulele. We had the chance to sit down and talk about her activism, her LGBTQ family, and her absolute love of those chalky Valentine’s candies we all love to hate.


Q: What is your role in Love is Love is Love, and what drew you to the project?

A: This is my first show at When Glow Lyric theatre contacted my local LGBTQ support group, Gender Benders, seeking local performers, I jumped at the opportunity to be part of this show. I am performing two different songs, though I’m most excited about a sweet lullaby, I’m sure you all know, that represents motherly love.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about your connection to the LGBTQ community and why it’s important to have works like Love is Love in the Upstate?

A: I myself am a pansexual single woman. I’m also a mother, and of my three children,  one identifies as lesbian. She came out about 2 years ago and has just reached the wonderful age of sweet 16. I was so proud of her courage to speak up at her young age, despite the significant bit of static she received from some people in her life.

My drive for civil rights activism is fueled by the hope that coming generations will become more accepting of one’s orientation, especially our young people. A large percentage of teen suicide cases today have to do with LGBTQ intolerance, and that is so unnecessary.  I also have a beautiful amazing adopted big sister who is a transperson. Having these two in my life is special because they inspire me to be unapologetically me.

Q: In the spirit of the season, could you tell us about your favorite Valentine’s candy?

A: Ok so don’t judge..but I actuality enjoy the chalky, dusty, pasty-when-chewed conversation hearts. Not the sweet tart kind with raised letters and crisp edges… Im talking the almost heart shaped, tumsesque, soft antacidy ones with sloppy illegible words that were just smashed vaguely into some part of its surface. They are softer than the other ones and I like the snap when you bite into them… I love them all! Well, except for those tongue-stinging, Elmer’s school paste flavored white ones, or worse, the grody green ones, which, to me, are what the scent of pine-sol would be if it were a taste instead of a smell.

You won’t want to miss Feather’s performance in Love is Love is Love on February 14th at 7pm at the Warehouse Theatre. You can purchase tickets on the GLOW Website, for $25. Tickets include a pre show reception featuring delicious desserts and drinks provided by Upstate Pride SC.

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