Meet the Love is Love is Love Cast! Sara Magun

Sara Magun As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, GLOW Lyric Theatre’s Love is Love is Love is just around the corner! And with the start of rehearsals, we will be introducing you to our phenomenal cast of LGBTQ and ally performers.

Today we feature Sara Magun, a long time Glow performer, as she discusses her input in developing Love is Love is Love with director Jenna Tamisiea, along with her recent push to push for her own and her community’s voice.


Q: Could you tell us a bit about your history with GLOW and why you keep coming back?


A: I am a long time GLOW performer, since their first official season in fact.  I’ve performed in 8 shows with them and I don’t even know how many concert events.  I come back time and again for two reasons: Christian and Jenna.  Their commitment to producing quality art that strives to make a difference is inspiring.  They have pushed me and supported me as an artist  and a friend. And, at the end of the day, they are just fun, fabulous people to be able to make art with.


Q: What is your role in Love is Love is Love, and what drew you to this specific project?


A: Originally, I was drawn to it because it was another opportunity to do what I love: get on a stage and sing.  The fact that it was also an event centered around the LGBTQ+ community, of which I am a member, was just the cherry on the sundae.  As we got closer to rehearsals beginning Jenna reached out to Vaughn and I and asked us to help talk through all of the wonderful material people had suggested as performance pieces and see if we could start putting it together in a way that would give a sense of structure and flow.  This show has truly been a collaborative effort and has been an amazing experience.


Q: Could you tell us a bit more about your connection to the LGBTQ community and why it’s important to have works like Love is Love in the Upstate?


A: I am the B in LGBTQ+.  Well, technically I identify as pansexual (I’m attracted to the person, not the gender) but most people have no idea what that is so it’s easier to tell them I’m bi.  I moved to Greenville a little over 6 years ago and quickly fell in love with it here.  And what’s not to love, right?  The mountains, the lakes, the people, the theater, the music…. I could go on and on.  But then I remember that I make a point of not telling people that I’m bi because, living in the bible belt, I am afraid of what their reaction would be.  I don’t lie and say I’m straight but I also don’t volunteer the information unless it’s someone I know well and feel comfortable with.

It’s 2017.  I don’t care if I’m living in the bible belt, I shouldn’t feel ashamed to admit that the last person I fell in love with was a man but the next one could just as easily be a woman.  I think it’s important to have safe spaces to be able to stand up and say things like that without fear of hatred and recriminations.  And that people in relationships have a place to go for Valentines where they don’t feel they have to hide their love in order to feel safe.


Q: Any Valentine’s Day traditions you’d like to tell us about?


A: I hate Valentine’s Day haha- but… I gotta say I love those Reese’s peanut butter hearts
You won’t want to miss Sara’s performance in Love is Love is Love on February 14th at 7pm at the Warehouse Theatre. You can purchase tickets on the GLOW Website, for $25. Tickets include a pre show reception featuring delicious desserts and drinks provided by Upstate Pride SC.

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