Glow Shows Their Animal Love

Glow Shows Their Animal Love

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and while many may think the greatest love of all is romantic, heart shaped, or chocolate covered, Glow is taking a unique approach to celebrate animal love. All Creatures Great and Small, Glow’s first show in their 2018 Raising Voices Series, tackles the topic of the joys animals bring to our lives, and partners to benefit animal activist groups such as Concerned Citizens for Animals and provide awareness to organizations like Saved by the Heart.

But what inspired the Glow team to tackle this theme in the new year? We stopped by to talk with Glow Artistic Director Jenna Tamisiea to find out!

Q: Tell us what inspired you to pursue a show about animal love?

Jenna: Well, I always tease our General Director, Christian, about being a Disney Princess when it comes to animals. They flock to him- he has some kind of instant connection with them. Christian always says that if he could be something other than an opera singer and conductor, he would have been a veterinarian!

With the Raising Voices series, we tend to mix our personal passions with our work at Glow, and so we really wanted to shine a spotlight on animal rescue organizations, since our rescue animals have impacted our lives for the better. Bubbers, our own adorable doggy, was actually rescued from a great organization called Pap Haven Rescue. We also rescued our cat, Kiko, from the street after one of our neighbors abandoned him. But then ironically we usually feel like our pets are our saviors with the reminders of love they provide. We wanted to explore this surely shared experience as a “Mom and Dad” to our rescue animals with our Glow patrons.

Q: So what are some of the pieces, actors, and critters we can expect to see at the show?

Jenna: Interestingly enough, there are tons of composers who wrote classical music featuring our furry friends- and many of them will be featured in the show, including a Hysterical Cat Duet by Rossini- the lyrics are simply “Meow”! The performance will also include musical theatre songs, dance, and some touching personal testimonies from the actors and rescue volunteers on how animals have impacted their lives. Also word from the green room is there might be some guest appearances from some of our adorable pets as well!

Q: Could you tell us a bit more about your partners for the show, and how All Creatures will have a positive impact for their mission as well?

Jenna: With groups like Concerned Citizens for Animals and Saved by the Heart, they are actively working towards preventing animal abuse as well as providing the best adoption opportunities for animals in the Upstate! This performance is an effort to help spread awareness and funding for these groups. Audience members can also enjoy a reception sponsored by the organizations, that includes information booths, a post-show talk back, and even the chance to meet and greet some of their animals!

Q: And a final fun question in the spirit of the show- do you think you could pick your favorite animal?

Jenna: Oh- I am ABSOLUTELY in love with literally any kind of baby animal!

Tickets for All Creatures Great and Small are now available by calling Glow’s box office at 864.558.4569 or by clicking the link below!


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